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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Our Available Wiring Kits

Our Powerblock Harness is designed to replace your OEM Fuse Block & Harness FOREVER for most British Classics that are similar to the physical size of MGBs & TRs; otherwise, we would have to Customized your order for extra wire-- that's it!

Remember: Our Kits are Custom Made to Order and designed & fitted around the British Standards of Doing Things-- not by American Standards. Therefore, Wiring Color Codes are British. 99% of the Connectors are British. The only thing non-British in our Kits is the Innovation of Relay Switching-- saving your precious column & dashboard switches and delivering more Reliable Juice to your electrial components!

Plus, our Powerblock comes with an Anti-Theft circuit!

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Our Product LineToday's Price
  • Full Wiring Harness w/Powerblock
    (Includes Headlight Kit)

Online Manuals
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  • Auxilary Fuse Panel

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  • Fog & Driving Light Kit

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  • Headlight Relay Kit

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  • GearHead Insanity (Click Pic 4 Bonus)


All prices as of 07/17/2007
* $75 Copper Surcharge (included in the price)

08/29/06 News Flash! Copper Prices to Soar?, AWC, Inc

We don't Stop there...

These are the only Fuses we use... They Light-Up when they Blow!

If you enjoy Migraine Headaches & Insecurity, buy your kit from Somebody else First... We will keep the Light on For You.

Attention V6 & V8'rs: We have the only Advanced PowerBlock Harness to fit your Upgrade needs!

The Makes we are currently servicing are,

  • GT6

  • Jaguar - XKE / XJE

  • MGBs - All Years Manufactured

  • MGC & MGC GT

  • MG Midget MK III & AH Sprite MK IV

  • MGTD / TF / MGA

  • TRs - All Models & Years Manufactured - Even Spitfires!

Future Makes We Intend to Serve,

  • Datsun Z Class - All Models & Years Manufactured

  • Hot Rods - All Models & Years Manufactured

  • Is Your Classic not on Our List-- Call Us to Add It!

Soon, We plan to Introduce our Relay Powerblock Innovation to the Marine Industry for the New and Classic Boats & Yachts around the World.

A Question for British Classics Owners:

Do you know that our Kits use only Marine Environmental Strength Grade SXL wire?

That's Right! "Do it once... and do it Right the First Time!"-- that's our motto.

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OR by Snail Mail

You will Need PDF viewer if you want to View our Online Manuals ;-)

Yes, We Provide You with all the Necessary Terminals & Connectors for your Specific Model!

You will need to Pickup a Few Tools for your Project,

Micro Torch - Home Depot, Lowes, or Online

This is the same Torch I used to build the Kits. It is Quick and Safe to use. Don't worry about burning the wires-- they don't Burn ;-)

Rosin Core Solder from Radio Shack

Gardner Bender (GB) 8" Crimper at Home Depot & Lowes

Crimper & Pliers at British Wiring

Here's a Nice Kit at Lotus Tools by rdent.com, $56.95

Need Help making Your Decision? Try...

Here's What You Get in Your Kit

Our 23-point Quality Control procedures for our Powerblock Wiring Harness

  • Includes All Panel Connectivity

  • Includes All Relay Switching

  • Includes All Flashers

  • Includes All Fuse Block Connectivity & Sequencing

Our (2) Year Warranty on Workmanship & Select Components covers

  • The Panel

  • Panel Sockets & Panel Components

  • Relays & Flashers

  • Panel Connectivity

All of our Wiring Kits Include

The Danielson Project - Dare to Enter the Lair of a Restoration Slayer!

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